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Micro Chelated Ferrous

Micro Chelated Ferrous

Product Details

Packing Available 1 kg, 5 kg & Bulk
Ferrous EDTA 12%
Packing PP Bags
Solubility Compeletely Soluble
Application Micronutrient fertilizer
State Granular
Shelf Life 3 Years

This is a source of iron. Iron is a micronutrient which is requires for plant growth and without which the disorders like iron colorists occurs which results in reduction in yield. Micro Chelated Ferrous 100 % chelated Ferrous with EDTA, is the most effective source to correct Iron deficiency of all crops. Being chelated it is easily absorbed by the plants. Micro Chelated Ferrous , When used as soil application or foliar spray , the plant system absorbs Iron very quickly. It is Vital for oxidation process in plant cell and improving the content of protein, tannin, Sugar and lipids in plants & seeds.

Ferrous (Iron) content (expressed as Fe) percentage (%) by weight minimum in the form of Ferrous EDTA-12 %.


  • It is an effective fertilizer for correcting zinc deficiency.
  • The entire zinc is available to the plants as it is fully chelated with EDTA.
  • It helps in grain filling and hence the increases the crop yield.
  • It promotes better development of root and shoot system.

Dosage & Application:
Dissolve 50 gm s 100 liters of water and spray on both sides of the leaves preferably during morning /evening. This quantity is suffient for half acre of standing crop’s.

Recommended Crops:
Wheat, Rice, Sorghum, maize, Sugarcane, Cotton, Pigeon Pea, Soyabean, Sunflower, Sunflower, Groundnut and Vegetables like (Tomato, Brinjal, Okra, Chillies) all types of Vegetables And all other Fruits Crops, Tea & Coffee.All Commercial Crops.

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